Before and After THE HAIR SALON

"your hair deserves the very best treatment"

Browse Our Services,  we offer a variety of services to fit your needs.  We will help you determine the best services for your needs.  Check out our list of services to give you a feel for what we can do.  Please note that these are starting prices.  extra charges can occur depending on the hair density and length of your hair.  All services begin with a though consultation of hair and scalp.  


For the safety of you children and the consideration of others, children are not allowed unless they have services. 

 appointments are scheduled every hour, please be mindful of your appointment times.  Failure to make your appointment on time can result in rescheduling.

Thank you.

Hair Coloring

Following consultations

Permanent, demi- permanent, semi- permanent-partial highlights, full highlights, double process hair coloring

hair cuts and hair styling

Hair Cutting and Styling

following consultation, shampoo and conditioner, flat iron or rollers

ethic hair styling

Ethnic Hair Styling

($by Consultation is required to determine what technique will be used)

Multi-cultural hairstyling services address the physical differences between hair types of varying cultures.  We are trained in techniques to effectively style your hair.

reconditioning treatments

Reconditioning Treatments

While most hair services include conditioner to smooth and detangle hair. Hair textures

and exposure to chemicals or heat/sun damage may require a more intensive conditioning treatment.  We can suggest the best conditioner treatment for your hair.

chi enviro smoothing system

Chi Enviro Smoothing System

following  consultation